Ethiopia Tour Packages

Ethiopia Tour Packages

Ethiopia Tours

Ethiopian Holidays are glamorous taking you through the exotic destinations of Ethiopia, package travel from one end to another, the historical route of Northern Classical sightseeing’s, located on the great High land of Ethiopia with its stunning Landscape. The origin of Ethiopia is largely the origin of all of us since many of the most ancient hominids were here discovered. Ethiopia is home to the most ancient kingdom in Africa, one of the first monarchies in the world and it is the sole African country to possess and alphabet more than 2,000 years old. By maintaining independence in the face of European colonizers, Ethiopia preserves today its full culture and historical richness.

– From the Red Sea to the Kenyan Lake Turkana, Ethiopia is home to a large portion of the Rift Valley which forms the Danakil Depression on the north of the country and then a chain of fantastic lakes that provide the ideal habitat for an exuberant variety of flora and fauna. After crossing the Rift Valley, the South Omo Valley will surprise you with stunning landscape and cultural diversity of more than a dozen tribes sharing the same limited space.

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