What are the ‘Big Five’ in Kenya?

If you’ve shown interest in going on a safari, or if you’ve been on one of Adventure East Africa’s amazing tours before, then you’ll have heard about the Big Five that you can spot on most of our adventures. So, what are the big five? They are the five largest animals that you’re likely to see on your safari and include elephants, buffalo, leopards, lions and rhinos.

Whether you choose to explore the Masai Mara or Serengeti, you’re sure to spot at least one of the Big Five on your East African adventure and our expert guides can tell you everything you need to know about any of the animals or birds that you see.

The African Leopard

The African Leopard is one of the biggest cats in Africa, and are known for their beautifully spotted fur. They are in fact native to over thirty-five African countries, so it wouldn’t be a shock if you saw one on your next trip with us.

Did you know?

  • A leopard’s sight is nearly ten times better than that of a human’s!
  • When you hear a leopard, it might not be a loud roar as you might think, instead the big cat can range from a hoarse cough or hiss to a happy purr.
  • Don’t forget to bring your binoculars on your safari as you’re likely to spot a leopard hiding in the trees as opposed to roaming on the ground.

African Rhino

Both black and white rhinos populate East Africa, and fortunately black rhinos have been saved from the brink of extinction due to important conservation work in many of the National Parks and Conservancies around Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

Did you know?

  • Rhinos have been wandering the earth for millions of years, surviving by grazing on vegetation which in turn helps the African ecosystem.
  • After elephants, rhinoceros are some of the largest land mammals in the world.
  • A rhino’s horn is made from the same substance that human hair and nails are made from, which is called Keratin.

African Elephants

Perhaps one of the more favoured of the Big Five, watching the African Elephant in its natural habitat is one of the highlights of any safari with Adventure East Africa. Elephants are the largest land mammals on earth and are a wonder to behold in any scenario.

Did you know?

  • In an elephant’s trunk alone, there can be up to 40,000 muscles. For comparison, humans only have 600 in their entire body!
  • An elephant can be either left or right tusked, just like we are either right or left handed.
  • The African Elephant weighs 6,000 kg and is 3.3m tall.

The Cape Buffalo

Buffalo are some of the most exciting animals you’ll see on your safari. They might look similar to cuddly cows that you see at home, but buffalo are very strong and could easily take down a lone predator if they tried to attack.

Did you know?

  • There are up to 1,000 buffalo in a herd as they are pack animals that like to stick together.
  • Keep your eye out for buffalo whenever you’re near a lake or river as they are most likely found cooling down from the African heat.
  • If you see a bird called an Ox-Pecker near buffalo on your safari, you’ll notice how they sit on a buffalo’s back without being shooed away. This is because they eat the insects that live on their skin, which is great for the buffalo!

African Lions

Let Adventure East Africa help you achieve your dream of seeing a lion in the wild. Second only to the Asian tiger in size, this mighty animal is a favourite to spot on our safaris. Make sure you bring your camera for some memorable snaps!

Did you know?

  • In a pride, the lionesses hunt for the food whilst the male lion looks after the rest of the pack.
  • If you think you enjoy your lie in on a weekend, lions can sleep for up to twenty hours in a day!
  • Keep your ears sharp on safari as a lion’s roar can be heard from up to 8km away.

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