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A Guide to Visiting Kenya in January

Everyone is coming to Kenya this January! Yes. You heard that right. January is feted to be one of the best months to visit Kenya, primarily because of the lovely warm weather throughout the month!

Kenya has for the longest time been a top tourist destination, thanks to its vast choice of wildlife, rich culture, picturesque sandy beaches at the coast, and not forgetting its amazing people.

If you’re thinking about coming to Kenya this January, here are a few tips that will go a long way in making planning for your safari easier!

1. Work with a travel agent

No need to put yourself through the hassle when there are local travel agents ready to make planning for your safari so much easier! In fact, in January many agents have amazing budget safari deals that you can take advantage of! One such deal is THIS by East Africa Adventure Tours and Safaris, that gives you an opportunity to sample game parks from Kenya through to Tanzania! Check out more information and take advantage of the deal here>https://bit.ly/2ZSdyC6 

2. Do extensive research on Kenya

If you are a first time visitor, it would be best to do extensive research independently, just to familiarize yourself more with your safari destination. The best thing about independent research is it helps pique your curiosity further, and guide on most preferred places you’d like to visit and stay. This information can, in turn, be relayed to your travel agent so they can tailor-make your trip to perfectly suit your desires.

3. Learn Swahili!

Swahili is Kenya’s national language, with a rich history and very rich culture tied to it. It has different adaptations across the country, which is why you might get the Swahili spoken at the Kenyan coast a little different from the one spoken in the capital city, Nairobi. Basic words like ‘Habari Yako’ or ‘Jambo’ to mean ‘How are you’, are easy to learn and will go a long way in making a more memorable experience interacting with the locals. Kenyans however also speak English fluently, as well as an array of other languages as individually preferred.

4. Pack for the weather!

You are coming into very warm, almost bordering hot weather in January. Carry light, sunny clothing for your trip. In January, even the usually chilly nights are a lot less chilly, you’d be surprised you probably need just one blanket to go! If you intend to visit the coast, be sure you will not need a blanket at all.

5. Enjoy yourself!

This is key! You didn’t travel all the way not to have a good time, did ya? So have yourself a good time; dance to traditional music with the locals at Lamu old town, take photos of the lions at the Amboseli, kiss the giraffes at Giraffe Centre Nairobi, have a sun-downer while watching the flamingos at Lake Nakuru, view the beautiful Nairobi city from the top of KICC at the city center, jump with the Maasais at Bomas of Kenya, and overall, have the time of your life!

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